AMC Gives Walking Dead Season 2 90-Minute Premiere, Kevin Smith’s Secret Stash and JJK Security

AMC TV LogoThe recent “Walking Dead” fiasco notwithstanding, AMC still has some of the best shows on TV bar none, and unless the suits completely implode it themselves (which at this point is highly possible), the network will continue to make waves as a quality cable network.

Easily their most anticipated show, the now-Frank Darabont-less “The Walking Dead” is scheduled to return for Season 2 this October. According to Deadline, that Season 2 premiere, much like the pilot episode, will be supersized as a 90-minute run from the undead. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the 13-episode second season will be split in two, with the first 7 episodes airing as scheduled this October, and the remaining 6 episodes saved for February 12, 2012, which means a two-month (or thereabouts) hiatus between the first and second half of the second season.

Meanwhile, the cable net has greenlit two new shows — the Kevin Smith comic book shop-based “Secret Stash”, which has been given a 6-episode commitment (similar to “The Walking Dead’s” first season), and will “capture the world of the neighborhood comic book store and fanboy culture”. Basically, it’s about comic book nerds. Look for it to premiere in early 2012.

The network has also greenlit a new scripted show called “JJK Security” from producers Ken Druckerman and Banks Tarver. The “quirky” show will revolve around “the slightly off-kilter characters who work at a small, family-owned private security company in rural Georgia – a one-stop shop for services that range from private investigations to personal protection to neighborhood patrols, and everything in between.”

Look for “JJK Security” in late 2012.

Meanwhile, here’s an early look at “The Walking Dead” Season 2: