AMC Sorta, Kinda Apologizes for The Killing’s Season 1 Ending

My one big worry with AMC’s “The Killing” from the very beginning was that it wouldn’t have enough material to last an entire season’s worth. And we’re not even talking about network TV season here, we’re talking about basic cable TV season, which is exactly half as long as network TV shows. Surely the show would have enough in its pocket to keep things interesting for 10-12 episodes? As it turns out, even that might have been one or two (or five) episodes too many to fill, as the mystery began to falter badly halfway through the first season. As if to further torture viewers, the show didn’t even have the decency to end its “Who killed Rosie Larsen” mystery by season’s end as it had promised. Nope. Instead, fans got thrown a curveball — the killer’s identity remained hidden in a cliffhanger!

Needless to say, fans were outraged, mostly because the show had advertised the mystery as a single-season storyline. Or if they didn’t say that exactly, they heavily implied it. So in a bit of damage control, AMC’s original programing chief Joel Stillerman is reassuring fans that all will be revealed in Season 2, and puts the blame on the network not managing expectations properly (whatever that means) for the Season 1 cliffhanger.

Stillerman recently told reporters:

You will find out who killed Rosie Larsen in season two, definitely. We are incredibly proud of the show as a whole. But we definitely did not manage expectations as we should have.

So there you have it, “Killing” fans. A sorta/kinda/not really apology from the AMC chief for pulling a fast one on the fans. Frankly, if we don’t find out who killed Rosie Larsen in the first episode of the second season, no one will be tuning in to the second episode. Can you imagine ANOTHER YEAR of dragging their feet on this storyline? I shiver at the boredom.