America, Fuck Yeah! 5 Ridiculously Patriotic Movies to Watch on July 4th

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Who doesn’t like a good old fashioned patriotic American movie about the greatness of America and why the world should fall to their knees every morning and thank their lucky stars that we’re still around? Well, pretty much anyone who isn’t American. And maybe Michael Moore. And Sean Penn. And Danny Glover. Basically, if you spend more than a month out of the year in Hollywood on purpose, there’s a pretty decent chance you think America sucks. Of course, that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from wallowing in jingoism every now and then. And so, in honor of July 4th, here are five ridiculously patriotic movies to watch on July 4th.

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Author: Nix

Editor/Writer at Likes: long walks on the beach and Kevin Costner post-apocalyptic movies. Dislikes: 3D, shaky cam, and shaky cam in 3D. Got a site issue? Wanna submit Movie/TV news? Or to email me in regards to anything on the site, you can do so at nix (at)
  • Muertos

    Great list! BUT, Armageddon should be replaced by one of the greatest 4th of July movies ever: Chunky on the Fourth of July.

  • Robojesus777

    Where the HELL is ID4????? @_@

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  • ErickKwon

    Fuck yeah “The Patriot” is the better Emmerich/Devlin movie, plus it's one of Mel Gibson's better acting jobs.

  • Brent

    Fuck yeah. I spent last 4th of July in Mexico watching Red Dawn, and it was sweet.

  • Nix

    That is explained, my friend.

  • Robojesus777

    True that, true that. I completely glossed over that sentence somehow. It is STILL cheesy, mandatory Fourth of July action movie watching IMO. Even if it does suck E.T. testicles…

  • Nix

    Yeah, but it doesn't have Mel single-handedly winning the Revolutionary War, that one is just so ridiculous it's brilliant. Granted, that “let's infect the alien computer with a virus using our Apple laptop!” bit is pure genius on its own, but it loses extra points for nuking my hometown of Houston.