American Heist Remake Nabs Brody, Brewster, and Akon

Jordana Brewster in Fast Five (2011) Movie ImageAdrien Brody in Wrecked (2011) Movie Image

Jordana Brewster, last seen pulling another fast one in “Fast and Furious 6”, is staying on the outlaw path with “American Heist”, an indie caper that is also a remake of the 1959 Steve McQueen film “The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery”.

She will be joined by Adrien Brody and Akon, with Hayden Christensen already in the film. Brody will also produce, alongside Christensen.

Sarik Andreasyan is directing the movie, about “two brothers with checkered pasts, one struggling on the road to normalcy, the other just released from prison. Their lives intertwine when one drags the other into an ill-fated bank robbery spearheaded by a gang of dangerous criminals, testing the loyalty of their sibling bond and how far they will go for greed and family.”

Since Christensen and Brody got producing credits, I’m guessing they’re playing the brothers. Brewster, of course, is probably one of their love interests. No idea who this Akon fella is playing, though.

Production on “American Heist” commences June 24th, which also happens to be today, in case you don’t have a calender at home.

Via : THR