Ami Mann’s Texas Killing Fields Trailer Debuts

Sam Worthington in Texas Killing Fields (2011) Movie Image

Sam Worthington and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are hard-charging cops in “Texas Killing Fields”, a film that really should have “The” tacked on at the end, but for some reason doesn’t. Oh well. The movie also co-stars Chloe Moretz of “Kick Ass” fame and Jessica Chastain, who is in just about every movie nowadays. It looks like a pretty intense thriller, but whether anyone will bother catching it is another story. First trailer for the film below.

TEXAS KILLING FIELDS is the riveting true story about one man’s quest to end thirty years of unsolved murders in a frightening modern day Gomorrah – the toxic waste land of oil refineries known as the Killing Fields. With his NY transplant partner, Jake (Sam Worthington) starts to unravel the web of conspiracy and closes in on the killer and the truth. Ultimately, he will risk everything and stop at nothing to save the next innocent from becoming the last victim.

Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sam Worthington, Chloe Moretz, Jason Clarke, Stephen Graham, Annabeth Gish, Jessica Chastain, Sheryl Lee, Sean Michael Cunningham and directed by Ami Mann, daughter of Michael.

Save the kids October 14, 2011.

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