An Albino Canine Takes on Nefarious Terrorists in Dog X Police

Once upon a time, Hollywood loved putting man’s best friend in buddy action flicks. Tom Hanks walked the dog in “Turner & Hooch”, Jim Belushi played fetch with “K-9”, and, to a lesser extent, Chuck Norris teamed up with “Top Dog”. After that, the genre seemed to die out, which isn’t all that surprising given that there’s only so many things you can do with the premise. Decades later, Japan is attempting to revive the “dog and cop” storyline with “Dog X Police”, a film which finds an albino dog battling terrorists with his human counterpart. Given that I secretly love “Turner & Hooch” and “Top Dog”, chances are this one will eventually find its way into my home at some point. Feel free to mock me.

Here are the specifics:

Yusaku (Hayato Ichihara) was dreaming of being a detective.However, he was assigned to a team handling security dogs. There, he meets an albino dog, Shiro, who was born weak. People say that he never can be a security dog, but Yusaku chooses him as his buddy, and starts to train hard. One day, a big terrorist act occurs, and they try to hunt down the terrorist.

Source: Film Smash