An Amick, a Dourif, and a Plummer Walk into a Post-Apocalyptic Vampire Movie…

No, it’s not the beginning of a really bad, naughty joke. It’s just another casting announcement. The latest word from the set of “Priest”, Scott Stewart’s post-apocalyptic Western tale of vampires, warrior priests, and Maggie Q., has the director tweeting that his film has added two more castmembers in Brad Dourif and Christopher Plummer. Variety, meanwhile, reports the old fashioned way (Internet posting is now old-fashioned, right?) that Madchen Amick has also joined the cast of “Priest”.

On the Paul Bettany movie, Amick will play Shannon, the mother of a girl kidnapped by vampires led by Karl Urban. The girl also happens to be the niece of Paul Bettany’s warrior priest character, which sends him on a mission of retrieval and, failing that, vengeance. Lots of vampire blood is spilled in the process, one would imagine.

No word on Plummer or Dourif’s roles, though considering their age and stereotyping, I’m guessing Plummer will play an old guy, possibly a member of the Church, while Dourif is probably one of Urban’s slimy vampires. Let’s face it, you don’t hire Dourif to play good guys.

By the way, Mädchen Amick? I’m not saying she’s lost it, but back in the day? Ooooh boy.