An Animated King Kong Film Heading to the Big Screen

What is Hollywood’s fascintion with monkeys? Seriously? It started with the 1933 original movie, followed by a 1966 TV series, the 1976 “King Kong” and the latest version of “King Kong” in 2005 that was directed by Peter Jackson. On top of that, there’s all those “Planet of the Apes” movies including the August release of “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” although that one does look good so I’m not hating on monkeys at all. They’re cute little creatures I just don’t get the Hollywood love affair.  It’s not like we see a bunch of movies about giraffes or tigers for that matter.

But anyway, Deadline says that an animated version of “King Kong” will be released by Fox Animation with Christian Magalhaes & Bob Snow taking on the writing duties. The film will be from the vantage point of Kong which should be interesting I guess for all you monkey lovers out there and let’s be real: we all know Kong bites it in the end and it’s lights out for the monkey.

Shawn Levy’s 21 Laps will produce with Ted Field’s Radar Pictures. No word yet on who’ll direct or when a date for the film will happen.