An Appropriately Action-Packed Trailer for This Girl is Bad Ass

Jeeja Yanin kicks all sorts of cinematic behind, so it’s not surprising that she would star in a flick called “This Girl is Bad Ass”, also known in Thailand as “Jukkalan”. The title has been altered slightly to better serve the international market, though, given the large amount of martial arts-related mayhem contained within the embedded trailer, I think this particular moniker is a much more appropriate. After all, Jeeja Yanin is fairly bad ass.

A plot synopsis? Of course you can have one:

Jeeja Yanin Vismitananda (Chocolate and Raging Phoenix) is back in a new action comedy directed by an acclaimed director Petchtai Wongkamlao or Mum Jokmok. The film revolves around Uncle Sawang and his niece Jakkalan (Mum Jokmok and Jeeja) whose lives turn into chaos after Jakkalan is hired to transport some smuggled goods to ruthless gangsters.

The action-packed trailer awaits.

Source: Twitch