An Ass Kicking Look at XIII: The Series, Starring Stuart Townsend and Aisha Tyler

Stuart Townsend in XIII TV Series

“XIII”, about one of those super badass spy types forced to act, started life as a comic book before being adapted into a 2008 mini-series starring Stephen Dorff. The film probably had way too much similarities to “The Bourne Identity” for most people’s liking, with a hero suffering from amnesia and bad guys trying to kill him and a conspiracy to unravel and such. Which leads us to “XIII: The Series”, which as you probably guess, is a TV series based off the same character and follows the events of the mini-series. Stuart Townsend is now the very capable badass spy, and he’s joined by lovely lasses Aisha Tyler and Virginie Ledoyen.

XIII is the story of a man’s quest to uncover the truth about his identity. Named for the Roman numeral tattooed on his neck, XIII is a former secret operative who cannot remember his past. Hunted by a dark anti-government organization, XIII searches for clues that will lead him to who he is, and to the secret he carries that makes him so valuable—and so potentially dangerous.

Sound like something you might be interested in seeing? Well, if you’re in the States, you’ll need to have the Reelz Channel, because this is a Reelz Channel Original Series. (Yeah, I had no idea Reelz had their own TV channel, either. I actually had to hunt for it on my Dish channel listing.)

The French-produced show has already premiered overseas as well as Canada, but is just now arriving Stateside, starting June 29th, 2012. It also stars Greg Bryk, Stephen McHattie, Paulino Nunes, Caterina Murino and Ted Atherton.

A clip from the show:

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