An Empress and the Warriors Posters with Leon Lai and Donnie Yen

I hadn’t even heard of the latest Chinese stab at epic action filmmaking, the awkwardly titled “An Empress and the Warriors”, which will star Leon Lai, Donnie Yen, and Kelly Chen, until a reader emailed asking about it. After a brief search of the net, here’s what we have: Kelly Chen plays the Empress, and apparently she’s a fighting empress, judging by the warrior armor she’s wearing in these posters that showed up at earlier this week. The big-budget period film is being directed by Tony Ching, and is scheduled for Chinese theaters sometime early 2008. The film’s producers were also recently at the American Film Market to sell the film to foreign buyers. So what’s it about? Read on.

Here’s a description of the movie’s plot from here:

The film’s storyline is set in a period where the country is at war and dukes of the different kingdoms battle for land and power. Kelly plays Princess Fei- er who is commanded by her dying father on the battlefield to defend their country with General Xue-hu (played by Donnie). The princess is later attacked and injured by the treacherous official Hu Ba (played by Guo), but is rescued by Leon’s character Duan Lan-quan, whom she falls in love with. Faced with continued attack from outside and within, the princess must make some important decisions to ensure the survival of herself and her country.

The best part is that Donnie Yen is playing the film’s chief villain. I’m not sure if this will be Yen’s first villainous role; it could very well be. Leon Lai as the good guy, on the other hand, is predictable.

“An Empress and the Warriors” invades Chinese theaters early 2008.

An Empress and the Warriors Posters

An Empress and the Warriors Posters An Empress and the Warriors Posters An Empress and the Warriors Posters An Empress and the Warriors Posters