An Extended Scene From Parkour Friendly District 13 Ultimatum

“District 13 Ultimatum” is the sequel to “District 13”, a French actioner set in an area of Paris that had to be walled off to contain those rowdy elements not quite up to quiet evenings strolling along the Champs Elysees. The movie features running, jumping and fighting all to the tune of Parkour, an urban movement practice that mostly seems to be boiled down to keeping your knees bent religiously as you vault from balconies and ramps and while pounding na’er do wells most soundly.

The main characters look kind of like the models in “Zoolander”. Maybe I need to see the first movie. “District 13” the first was a pretty big hit so I’m sure I’m missing something. Here’s a look at an extended scene with sticky explosives, expertly demonstrated flexibility and more bent knee on knee action! It all hits theatres Feb 5. Thanks Movieweb.