An Unsettling Clip from Yong-Joo Lee’s Possessed (The Living Death)

Whenever you mention Asian horror in a room stuffed with horror fanatics, you can practically hear everyone’s eyes rolling in unison. Granted, the majority of these movies have become more than a little stale over the past few years, but there are still a few out there worthy of your attention. Yong-Joo Lee’s 2009 chiller “Possessed” (aka “The Living Death”) looks pretty freaking creepy, though I’m sure it’s not going to convert anyone who has already cemented their belief that Asian genre films have run their course. The clip provided below isn’t over the top or outrageous frightening, but it creeps under your skin and remains there for a minute or two. “Possessed” has yet to find its way onto Region 1 DVD, but if you’re lucky enough to own an all-region player, you can readily score a copy on R3.

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