An Update on the Del Toro as Khan in Star Trek 2 Rumors

Benicio Del ToroLet’s face it, getting someone like Benicio Del Toro to star in a “Trek” movie as the villain would be awesome. Del Toro chewing scenery as a Trek baddie would be so badass, it defies the very definition of badass. So yeah, people are interested, and I can’t say as I blame them.

So, is Del Toro playing Khan in J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek” sequel or not? Depends on who you ask, apparently.

After reports surfaced last week that Del Toro was very much playing a villain in the untitled “Trek” sequel, and that said villain would in all likelihood be Khan, today brings news that he might not be, after all.

On Friday, Hitfix got in touch with Abrams himself, and asked him about the Del Toro as Khan rumors. Abrams’ response was short and sweet:

Not true.

Well, that was to the point.

So, Del Toro isn’t playing Khan? But Khan is in the movie, right? And Del Toro is in negotiations to play someone in the film? Well, he was, anyway.

Vulture now reports that an insider tells them that Del Toro was in negotiations to play someone big in the sequel, but that the deal fell throw last week due to money issues. Basically, he wanted more than they wanted to pay him. No doubt Abrams coming out and publicly saying that he wanted Del Toro in the movie probably convinced Del Toro’s people to jack up the price a tad.

This, according to Vulture, was on a Wednesday. Abrams’ statement to Hitfix was on a Friday of last week. Vulture still insists the villain will be Khan, but it just won’t be played by Del Toro.

Future updates, no doubt, will be forthcoming. Until then: