Anchor Bay Acquires Director Robin Hardy’s The Wicker Tree

That’s right, my friends. You read that correctly. Anchor Bay recently snagged distribution rights to director Robin Hardy’s “The Wicker Tree”, an official follow-up to his 1973 classic “The Wicker Man”. The idea of a sequel is interesting, though I’m not entirely sure why anyone would want such a thing in the first place. If nothing else, at least it’s not a follow-up to the remake, a film that, despite its inherent awfulness, currently resides in my DVD collection. If you want to know why, take a look at the video embedded below. It’s a hoot. Beware: The clip contains spoilers.

Here’s what you can expect from the sequel:

“Wicker Tree,” produced by Peter Watson-Wood and Peter Snell’s U.K.-based company British Lion, is based on Hardy’s novel “Cowboys and Christ.” Pic follows two evangelists from Texas, played by Brittania Nicol and Henry Garrett, who visit Scotland to spread the gospel. They encounter a local man practicing ancient magic with sinister motives.

“The Wicker Tree” takes root in the US next year.

Source: Variety