Anchor Bay Snags US Distribution Rights to the Battle Royale Franchise

After a solid decade of delays, speculation, and poorly-subtitled Region 0 releases, late director Kinji Fukasaku’s iconic action flick “Battle Royale” is finally coming to North America courtesy of the fine individuals at Anchor Bay. According to the folks at Nippon Cinema, the feisty distributor has acquired US distribution rights to the popular franchise, which will find itself entering the third dimension when its re-released into Japanese theaters later later this year. For potential fans who have yet to experience the film for themselves, Anchor Bay’s acquisition is definitely good news. We’ll keep you posted.

No word has surfaced as to when, precisely, the films will hit retail shelves, or if “Battle Royale 3D” will receive a proper theatrical release, though Anchor Bay bay plans to unleash all three films sometime next year.