And Green Lantern is … Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds or Justin Timberlake?

Wait, what? Justin Timberlake? The former ‘N-Sync singer? That Justin Timberlake? Sure, he showed some comedy chops in a couple of Saturday Night Live skits, and sure, he did some indie films like “Alpha Dog” and “Black Snake Moan”, but come on — Justin Timberlake is in the running to play Green Lantern for Warner Bros.? Seriously? This isn’t just some silly rumor some site made up to get some traffic? Oh dear. Well, at least the other two frontrunners are Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds. At least there’s a 66% chance the studio won’t pick a former boy band to front their $200 million dollar comic book movie.

The news comes from THR, who reports that Warner Bros. and director Martin Campbell are currently under the gun to cast one of the three names mentioned above. Apparently screen tests were done with a lot of Hollywood’s leading men, and Cooper, Reynolds, and Timberlake came out the clear frontrunners. The problem? The studio, Campbell, and producers Donald De Line and Greg Berlanti all favored different actors for the role after two rounds of screen tests.

“Green Lantern” is currently scheduled for a December 2010 release, and shooting is expected to start very soon in Australia. That means the studio has to get a star locked in pretty fast, a ticking clock made louder because all three frontrunners are now clear to entertain other movie offers after their holding deal the studio had with all three expired Monday this week.

Reynolds, of course, is still working on getting a Deadpool movie up and about, so I’m not sure why he wants another big comic book franchise to carry. Cooper, meanwhile, is a big man on campus at the moment with the success of “The Hangover”, and would seem like the clear, clear frontrunner to me. Then again, he’s also got “The A-Team” on the horizon, and that looks like another possible franchise. And Timberlake — well, he’s Justin Timberlake. I don’t even know how the kid’s name got attached to the role. Who the hell thought this was even a good enough of an idea to invite him to screen test in the first place?

Anyways, what do you guys think? Who should land Green Lantern? Will it be Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, or Justin Timberlake?

Below: “Wait a minute. Justin Frakkin’ Timberlake to play me? Why do you hate me, God?”