And the Villains for Nolan’s Batman 3 Are … Joker, Catwoman, AND Two-Face?

If this rumor of Catwoman, Joker, AND Two-Face being the villains in the third “Batman Begins” movie is true, then it appears Hollywood is slow to learn. No, let me rephrase that: Hollywood is so thick that they can’t look back a few years to see what they did wrong, because they’re going to repeat it all over again with the third installment. Of course, this is keeping in mind the “if this is true” part, because word from Cinema Blend is that a reliable scooper has told them that Nolan is seriously considering not one, not two, but three villains for the third installment in his Batman reboot. The optimist in me would like to believe that Christopher Nolan is no Hollywood hack, so he wouldn’t go such a silly route, but the pessimist in me says: “Yeah, right, didn’t you think that way about Sam Raimi, too, and how did THAT turn out with ‘Spider-Man 3’?”


One of our most reliable, long time scoopers just sent us the following tidbit: “Word is that Heath Ledger could be coming back in the next sequel which will have Two Face as the main villain.”

Even more exciting than the idea that we may get the Joker in more than one movie is the identity of another villain who may be in Batman 3. According to our source, “it could also include a certain female feline as well.”

I think everyone knew and expected that Two-Face would be the villain for part three, with his character being set up as a Batman loyalist/ally in “The Dark Knight”, but keeping the Joker around, and then ADDING Catwoman to Part 3 is just repeating the same mistakes all directors do with their superhero franchises.

Of course, this is all rumor, so all this huffing and puffing may be an exercise in pointlessness…