And the Candidates to Direct Fox’s Fantastic Four Reboot are…


As you may or may not know by now, Fox is planning to reboot their “Fantastic Four” franchise (despite the last one having arrived barely three years ago), which means an all-new cast and, of course, new director must be found. According to the boys at CBM, the candidates on the short list to direct the reboot are …

Joe Carnahan, David Yates and James McTeigue.

Carnahan, you may know from his hyper violent shoot’em ups, “Smokin’ Aces” and more recently, the “A-Team” feature-length film. David Yates, meanwhile, already has four “Harry Potter” movies under his belt, including the two-parter “Deathly Hallows” coming out this year and next year. And then there’s James McTeigue, the man behind the comic book adaptation “V for Vendetta” and, in my opinion, one of the best ninja movies of all time, “Ninja Assassin”.

CBM cites unnamed sources as saying that Fox have those three names on their director’s short list, and that an offer to one of them is forthcoming. We shall see.

Also according to CBM, this new, rebooted “Fantastic Four” will be more “dramatic”, and will introduce new characters, as well as bring back old ones like Doctor Doom and the Silver Surfer. What, no menacing intergalactic cloud?

Galactus does not appreciate being represented as a cloud. Not one bit.

Author: Nix

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  • ULIK

    Dude these guys at Fox have a lot of money but they are dumb as hell. They’re trying to get either Keifer Sutherland or Bruce Willis to do the voice for “Thing”. Since they like casting T.V stars so much,why didn’t they go for Brad Garrett aka Robert Barone from “Everybody’s loves Raymond”. That guy IS The Thing,all he needs is a little vocal aggression but not much tweaking at all. If Ben Grimm were real he’d say “WOTTA REVOLTIN’ DEVELOPMENT THIS IS,THESE GOONS AT FOX STILL CAN’T GET YOUR EVERLOVIN BLUE EYE’D BEN GRIMM RIGHT NOR MY BUDDIES,LET ALONE DOOM”!!! “SWEET AUNT PATUNYA,FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT’S GOOD, geez”!!!

    • Dedpool aka Jiinx

      Brad Garrett would be an wesome Thing, (He was an wesome Lobo in Superman:The ANimated Series and JLU) and if he actually toned up, not a bad Ben Grimm either, but I wouldn’t mind having Willis as his voice and him as a cameo of Ben in a flashback or something. He ALSO really fits the part. As for the director, Aronofsky or McTeigue wou;d be myc choice. Actually I’d rather McTiegue for “Wolverine” and Aronofsky for this.

  • Stuntmovie

    For some reason I could care less who they chose as a vice character in any animated movie. I’d be just as happy if they used the first guy off the studio street asking for handouts.

    Why pay Brad or any other highly paid ‘star’ when you can get Lousie Loui for one tenth the price or less?!!

    I could be wrong though.

  • Wilddude

    leave the fantastic 4 films alone i loved them. thers nothing wrong with them! and a new ben? whats wrong with the old one. they did a great job with him. I LUV THE FANTASTIC 4 MOVIES. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!

  • Tabitha2

    I agree the people of fox are dumb. Just use the old cast they are to me the people they played. Just write better and add the other bad guy’s from the series. Ok end of story there done :P

  • KingWatcher101

    Changing the actors is going to completely ruin the entire film-series, it wont have any old fans watch and the new fans will barely understand the plot line. If they do make another movie, do not make it a prequel(tired of those) and make it actually a “GOOD”

  • Gene

    The franchise of the Fantastic Four definitely needs to be revamped. The two movies FOX did sucked. The prototype for these comic book movies ought to be The Dark Knight and Spider-man 2. There have been a few other good ones, but those two movies stand out as the best. FOX shouldn’t be handling the revamp of this storied franchise after what they did with the first two I don’t them to get this third one right.

  • Tomasso

    Have “The Rock” as the Sub-Mariner, Vin Diesel as the Thing, and Reed Richards and the Sub-Mariner compete for the attention of Susan Storm (not yet Richards) and you would have a killer movie. It’s an old Kirby-Lee plot; but with a little up-dating, probably very convincing…..especially with Gary Oldman as Dr. Doom, who teams up with the Sub-Mariner to destroy the FF; but in the end betraying the Sub-Mariner, along with the FF. I’m not sure that a Baxter Building lofted into space by one of Doom’s magnetic devices would be the best plot device here, as in the old FF story (#5???).

    • Makell Bird

      The Rock as Sub-Mariner, that’s an interesting idea assuming he could pull off the good acting.

  • Makell Bird

    I’m honestly DISAPPOINTED with this whole REBOOT idea. Although I love Adrien Brody’s work, doing a REBOOT is a BAD IDEA! The first 2 movies were perfectly fine. Actually, compared to OTHER Marvel movies, The F4 was one of the best yet along with Spider-Man and X-Men, and Daredevil (all else sorta sucked). I’d MUCH RATHER see a TRUE SEQUEL with the ORIGINAL cast members than to rewind and do a reboot. Why in the holy hell would you want to REBOOT a movie when it only had 2 films and the last film came out like 4 years ago??? BAD MOVE!

    Oh and another thing. I’d STAY away from the idea of an ALL CG Ben. That might work for the Silver Surfer cause he is basically an all CHROME being (so to speak), but remember how crappy HULK was as an ALL CG character??? (The First Hulk movie)

  • Jun

    I like the chemistry of the original four. Just improve on the story line and I bet you will see good result. Also, cut the 3D thing. It only adds up on the cost. If you like 3D, then make it as an add-on….for free.

  • mandy smith

    i cannot believe the’re re-casting Fantastic Four, the previous Actors did an amazing job of portraying the characters, especially Micheal Chiklis as the thing – Hell They ARE the characters and it’s an insult to think it can be done better. (Very Very Wrong).