And the Candidates to Direct Fox’s Fantastic Four Reboot are…

As you may or may not know by now, Fox is planning to reboot their “Fantastic Four” franchise (despite the last one having arrived barely three years ago), which means an all-new cast and, of course, new director must be found. According to the boys at CBM, the candidates on the short list to direct the reboot are …

Joe Carnahan, David Yates and James McTeigue.

Carnahan, you may know from his hyper violent shoot’em ups, “Smokin’ Aces” and more recently, the “A-Team” feature-length film. David Yates, meanwhile, already has four “Harry Potter” movies under his belt, including the two-parter “Deathly Hallows” coming out this year and next year. And then there’s James McTeigue, the man behind the comic book adaptation “V for Vendetta” and, in my opinion, one of the best ninja movies of all time, “Ninja Assassin”.

CBM cites unnamed sources as saying that Fox have those three names on their director’s short list, and that an offer to one of them is forthcoming. We shall see.

Also according to CBM, this new, rebooted “Fantastic Four” will be more “dramatic”, and will introduce new characters, as well as bring back old ones like Doctor Doom and the Silver Surfer. What, no menacing intergalactic cloud?

Galactus does not appreciate being represented as a cloud. Not one bit.