Andrew Lau to Direct Transit for Weinsteins

As part of their ongoing effort to raid the Chinese movie industry’s talent pool, the Weinsteins have snatched up an action-thriller screenplay called “Transit” by David Andron for Hong Kong director Andrew Lau (“Infernal Affairs”) to direct. At first I thought this was part of the 3-picture deal that the Weinsteins had going with Lau, but according to this article in The Hollywood Reporter, that isn’t the case. Andrew Lau’s previous American effort was the Richard Gere starrer “The Flock”, which was finished and a trailer released, but the film has yet to see the light of day. Is it that bad, you have to wonder?


The screenplay tells the story of a man who is forced to kill three men in three different cities in 12 hours or his son will die. Andron also has penned the pilot for NBC’s upcoming retooling of “Knight Rider.”

Lau, best known for “Infernal Affairs,” which was remade as “The Departed,” is already making three films for the Weinstein Co. in Hong Kong.

Maybe THR got it mixed up and that this is one of the three pictures Lau has agreed to direct for the Weinsteins? That would seem to make sense.