Andrew Lau’s Revenge of the Green Dragons Drops a Trailer and Poster

Revenge of the Green Dragons (2014) Movie Image

I love the fact that the director of the American-Chinese crime drama “Revenge of the Green Dragons” doesn’t even get his name mentioned on the movie’s poster, but Martin Scorsese, who apparently “executive produced” the movie (whatever that means) gets the primo marquee spot. I guess that makes sense from an advertising point of view. Heck, they might even manage to fool a couple of dummies into thinking Scorsese actually directed this movie and not Andrew Lau, the guy who originally directed the “Infernal Affairs” series before it was remade by Scorsese into “The Departed.”

Anyways, check out a trailer and poster for Lau’s “Revenge of the Green Dragons,” which is just a terrible title for a crime drama. It sounds like a movie about flying wuxia masters and not a gangland flick.

A true immigrant story set against the vibrant backdrop of Flushing, N.Y. in the 1980s and 1990s.

Starring Justin Chon, Kevin Wu, Harry Shum Jr., Ray Liotta, Jin Auyeung, and Shuya Chang.

Look for it in limited theatrical release, then likely followed by a quick VOD.

Revenge of the Green Dragons (2014) Movie Poster