Andrew Niccol Will Officially Direct The Host

With his own sci-fi movie “Now” wrapped, it looks like Andrew Niccol will officially return to the director’s chair for “The Host”, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie based on the novel by “Twilight” scribe Stephenie Meyer. Niccol, most famous for writing “The Truman Show” and then directing “Gattaca”, will direct “Hanna’s” Saoirse Ronan, who was previously cast as the movie’s heroine.

In “The Host”, Ronan would play a dying human named Melanie Stryder, who is fused with an alien soul called the Wanderer in an attempt by the alien race to locate the last pocket of surviving humans on a post-apocalyptic Earth.

That’s right, kids, no vampires or shirtless werewolves in this one, I’m afraid.

Inferno Entertainment, the money behind the film, is already selling the movie at Cannes, with Inferno’s Kimberly Fox calling Niccol’s involvement “incredibly invigorating as he truly shares Stephenie’s vision on this film.” After the success of her “Twilight” books and movies, Meyers has remained pretty close to the movie, so I think it’s safe to say nothing’s going to happen without her okay.