Andrzej Bartkowiak to Direct Live-Action Street Fighter

Go figure. Apparently the Jean-Claude Van Damme version wasn’t so hot, so now they want to redo the game Street Fighter as a movie … again. And the man that has been chosen by Hype Park Entertainment and Capcom to helm the movie? Andrzej Bartkowiak. Now I don’t have anything against Andrzej Bartkowiak. He’s done some good work, when given a project that doesn’t require anything but superficial style and a simple and straightforward storyline, which I envision the new Street Fighter movie to be. How do you make this thing complex? Answer: You don’t. Thus, Andrzej Bartkowiak is as good a choice as any to direct it.

More from Variety:

Bartkowiak’s credits include “Romeo Must Die,” “Exit Wounds” and “Cradle to the Grave.” Prior to directing, his cinematographic credits include “Lethal Weapon 4,” “U.S. Marshals,” “Falling Down” and “Speed.”

Hyde Park and Capcom formed a joint venture last year to produce the project, which is focused on female fighter Chun Li and her journey for justice.

Justin Marks wrote the script and is doing a polish. He’s been involved in vidgame and comicbook adaptations including Mark Gordon’s “Voltron” at New Regency as well as David Goyer’s “Super Max” and Joel Silver’s “He-Man,” both for Warner Bros.

Like a lot of guys, I used to be addicted to this game. If I could have all those quarters I spent on it back, I could probably by a new Ducati motorcycle…

Andrzej Bartkowiak to Direct Live-Action Street Fighter