Andy Richter Controls Wolf Blitzer’s Universe

andy-richterYou might not know it by looking at him, but beneath Andy Richter’s suave exterior is concealed an intellectual, erudite mind worth $68,000. This is the mind of a man who beat Smartest Person in the World Wolf Blitzer (SPitWWB) and an impressive showing by Desperate Housewives star Dana Delany in front of a national audience on Celebrity Jeopardy. Sure, the questions were softballs, but Andy Richter trumped SPitWWB on geography, history, and literature. God bless Wolf, he works with what he has. At one point he was at -$4,600 before they politely put him back in the green so that he could participate in final Jeopardy.

The Tonight Show chronicled Andy’s exploits behind the scenes in practice. The aired episode can be seen below.