Andy Serkis in Rise of the Apes, Guaranteeing the Apes will be CG

Well, this is probably going to piss off purists of the franchise, though for my money, if you had to go CG with your creatures, you mind as well get the best in the biz. And in today’s world of CG moviemaking, that means getting Andy Serkis. The guy who gave emotions and slimy life to Gollum and King Kong will now be supplying the motions in front of a green screen to Caesar, the lead ape in Fox’s “Planet of the Apes” prequel, “Rise of the Apes”.

So this certainly sounds like the apes in “Rise of the Apes” will be CG creatures instead of practical hairballs, as were the case in all the previous “Apes” movies, including Tim Burton’s ill-conceived “re-imagining”.

Serkis will join James Franco, playing the human scientist who gives birth to Caesar (in a matter of speaking), Freida Pinto as fellow cutie scientist, and John Lithgow as Franco’s father.

Set in present-day San Francisco, the film will be directed by Rupert Wyatt and is scheduled for release on June 24, 2011.

Andy Serkis is ready for his shave. Hey, those motion capture suits don't lubricate themselves, you know.