Andy Whitfield’s Spartacus Replacement is Down to 3 Candidates


According to Deadline, the men who would replace Andy Whitfield as Spartacus and lead the slave revolt for the Starz Channel is now down to three candidates, pictured below.

They are: 28-year old Stephen Amell, a Canadian (pictured, top right); 33-year old Aiden Turner, a Brit (pictured, top left); and 28-year old Liam McIntyre, an Aussie (pictured, bottom). (I guess Wentworth Miller didn’t make the final cut.)

All three actors are currently being flown to New Zealand, where the show is shot, to screen test and meet with the cast and crew, with a decision expected as early as this week.

So, who will be Spartacus?

Until an actor is chosen and “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” Season 2 begins production, the prequel mini-series, “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena” will launch in January 2011 to pick up the slack and satiate your gladiator bloodletting thirst.

Author: Nix

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  • Ase

    Liam looks born for this role! But no one can fill Andy’s Sandles lol

  • Ase

    Liam looks born for this role! But no one can fill Andy’s Sandles lol

  • Ase

    Liam looks born for this role! But no one can fill Andy’s Sandles lol

  • elgart

    But they’ve got a little time to ponder their final decision…

  • Bad Zack

    top left – looks too much like crixus — so no to him — bottom pic — i can tell hes too thin they cant bulk him up — i say the guy top right gets it

  • Wanda

    Maybe the question is… which of them looks better — naked?

    • Mr. E. S. Stranger

      Oh Wicked, Wicked Wanda, you nathsty girl… May your dreamths be filled with visions of well-filled loincloths, kielbalsa, and huge logs of summer sausages…

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    First of all THANK GOD Wentworth Miller didn’t get the part or isn’t even being considered!!!

    I would have to say Liam McIntyre looks the most like Whitfield. @ BadZack I don’t think anyone thought McConaughey could get as big as he did for “Reign of Fire” either but he was HUGE compared to his normal swimmer’s build. Aiden Turner does look like Crixus, but if you shave the spiky hair it changes his look, and Stephen Amell looks the least like Whitfield but has the longest filmography on IMDB. I say go with Liam McIntyre.

  • Mulangot


  • Trish

    All these guys look too boyish. They should keep looking. Out of the three, though – Liam. He has some intensity…he isn’t Andy…I doubt they will be able to find anyone as good. Quite honestly, they should be looking for someone in his mid thirties. I truly think there will be ZERO BELIEVABILITY if they don’t wait for Andy. As a fan and loyal viewer, I think it will be hard to replace one of the best characters in a while with a superb actor after a full season. The audience is emotionally invested in the character now – and Andy tears your heart out. I could be wrong…but I think one episode of a second season without Andy and I will throw my remote at the tv. Cheers.

  • Jo

    yup..trish is right…i think they should wait for andy..i really dont want it to be cancelled due to poor viewing…although i think among this three candidates most probably will be Liam get it…