Angela Bassett Will Lead the Suicide Squad in Green Lantern

amanda wallerFor a woman of, er, some girth, D.C. comic’s Amanda Waller sure gets around in the beyond the pages of the comic book. The character, a government spook who heads the Suicide Squad (essentially a supergroup of “reformed” (and some not so much) criminals that work for the Government), has appeared on TV’s “Smallville” (aka the Superman Show That Won’t Die) played by Pam Grier, and has shown up in the Warner animated movie “Superman/Batman: Public Enemies” voiced by CCH Pounder. She can now add an appearance in the form of actress Angela Bassett in Martin Campbell’s upcoming “Green Lantern” movie.

Variety reports Bassett’s casting, but can’t confirm if this Amanda Waller will also segue into the “Suicide Squad” movie that Warner Bros. also has in development. If she does end up crossing over, it would signal Warner’s first real attempt to cross-over their comic book movies, something rival studio Marvel has been doing with some fanfare and getting a lot of good press on from fanboys everywhere. Warner has previously made a concerted effort to pool their D.C. properties for such a unified front when it comes to their movie products.

“Green Lantern” is currently shooting in New Orleans, and stars Ryan Reynolds as the titular character, a intergalactic cop with, basically, a magic ring and a green fixation. It co-stars Blake Lively as the love interest, Peter Sarsgaard and Tim Robbins as human villains, and Mark Strong as Sinestro, Green Lantern’s would-be red-skinned nemesis.

Angela Bassett in Olympus Has Fallen (2013) Movie Image