Angelina Jolie Interested In Ridley Scott’s The Counselor

Ridley Scott’s upcoming thriller “The Counselor” already has Michael Fassbender in the main role. Now Angelina Jolie is in talks to take a small part.

Based on a script by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Cormac McCarthy (“No Country For Old Men”, “The Road”, “Blood Meridian”), “The Counselor” is about a respectable lawyer who dips his toe into the drug business. As you can imagine, before long this normal guy with questionable decision-making skills finds himself in way over his head and in all sorts of trouble. That’s not a trade you want to dabble in.

There are no details right now about what Jolie’s role may be, but with Scott, whose sci-fi opus “Prometheus” drops this summer, at the helm, you can bet the cast is going to involve some big names and big talent.

Scott plans to begin shooting “The Counselor” this June. Hopefully we’ll see a release sometime next year. We’ll see if this Jolie thing pans out—she’s busy, as you might expect—but with a start date this summer, there should be news aplenty on the horizon.

Via : Vulture