Angelina Jolie is THIS Close to Playing Ava Lord in Sin City 2

The guys at Moviehole knows a guy who knows a guy who may work for one of the film studios who says that Angelina Jolie is THIS close to signing on the dotted line to star in “Sin City 2” as femme fatale Ava Lord. For those in the know (i.e. anyone who reads comic books, and are thus friendless), “Sin City 2” will be based on the story “A Dame to Kill For” that Frank Miller did as part of his “Sin City” series.

The role would be very pivotal, and the story would see the return of Clive Owen as Dwight, Ava Lord’s former beau, who must save her from some bad guys. Or at least, that’s what he thinks. It’s complicated that way, but then again, so is most “Sin City” stories. Everyone’s got an ulterior motive, but sooner or later, everyone ends up shot to pieces. That’s just how they do it over there in the big bad city.

According to Moviehole, now that the production on “Sin City 2” seems to be picking up steam, the producers are seriously pursuing Jolie to join Owen in the film. Before now, Rodriguez was busy with other projects, and Miller was too busy doing “The Spirit”. Now that it seems like both have hit major bumps in their respective Hollywood fast lane, it probably makes sense to return to a guaranteed cash cow like “Sin City”.

Angelina Jolie in Salt (2010) Movie Image