Angelina Jolie to Star as the World’s Sexiest Coroner

How sexy is Angelina Jolie? Glad you asked. I’ve been told that she’s so gosh darn sexy, men are just dying all over just to get her to touch them. Which is what she’ll be doing (a lot, if the studio has its way) in a new movie based on bestselling crime novelist Patricia Cornwell’s Scarpetta novels. Fox 2000 will produce a movie based on one of Cornwell’s 16 Scarpetta books utilizing her popular Dr. Kay Scarpetta character, a medical examiner (re: she solves crimes, but she’s not a cop), with hopes of turning it into a franchise ala the “Bourne” films, which were originally based on the Robert Ludlum novels but has since gone so far away from the original source material that I don’t even consider it the same character, just some guy with the same name and similar sounding origin.

According to Variety, Mark Gordon will produce the film, which they had to acquire screen rights from Cornwell herself. She was apparently not willing to let go with it very lightly, but after meeting with the producer and Jolie, finally relinquished. I guess Jolie must have convinced her. She’s very convincing, that girl and her tattoos.

Meanwhile, the same Variety article also mentions something interesting: besides Philip Noyce’s spy thriller “Salt”, which Jolie is still shooting, she’s got a “Kung Fu Panda” sequel coming up, and is apparently also waiting for “a script for a ‘Wanted’ sequel that would potentially re-team her with director Timur Bekmambetov and James McAvoy at Universal.”

I don’t know how you would re-team Jolie with McAvoy in a direct sequel; you could do it with a prequel. Maybe. Nah, probably not that way, either. Okay, now I’m just stump how they’re going to bring her back for a sequel. Stump, but anxious to see it.