Angelina Jolie’s Pop is the Heavy in 24 Prequel Movie

What can you say — Jon Voight, Angelina Jolie’s pappa, just has that face. You know the face — the “Get off my lawn!” face. Hard to believe this guy helped squirted out Angelina Jolie to the world, but he did, and millions of pimply faced virgins all around the world thank him every day for his contribution to their “social” life. And what’s this? Jon Voight has joined the cast of 24 Season 7, and will be playing the bad guy in the upcoming 24 prequel movie currently shooting in South Africa? Well, yeah, that’s what the trades are saying, so it must be true.

The know-it-alls at The Hollywood Reporter spills the terrorist-tainted beans:

On the Emmy-winning Fox drama, Voight will play Jack Bauer’s (Kiefer Sutherland) uber-nemesis who is pulling the strings behind next season’s terrorist threat.

The character will be introduced during “24’s” two-hour Season 7 prequel and will be featured heavily in the latter half of the season.

Jack Bauer pops caps into asses in the TV movie November 23rd. Season 7 of 24 returns January 2009 because, being the punks you are, you don’t deserve a 24 season in 2008. Stupid writer’s strike.

Jon Voight is above. The reason we really, really like him is below.

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