Angsty Gen-Xers with Powers? Sounds Like Chronicles

It’s not based on a comic book, but it sounds like it could have been. The film is called “Chronicles”, and it’s a spec script from Max Landis (son of John), who has sold the story to 20th Century Fox with first-timer Josh Trank attached to the direct. Ol Max is a chip off the old block, with previous credits writing the “Masters of Horror” episode “Dear Woman” with dear old dad when he was only 20. Now 25, the lad has made his first major script sell.

THR has your story details:

According to the studio, the story focuses on the lives of three Portland teens that become exposed to a mysterious substance in the woods, and, as a result, begin to develop incredible powers. They work together to hone their skills for fun, until personal and family problems begin to turn them against one another.

The film will apparently be shot in the style of “Cloverfield” and “Paranormal Activity” using handheld cameras in a “documentary-style” aka “shaky cam”.

Director Trank’s credits include editing the Patton Oswalt movie “Big Fan” and a web series called “Killpoint”. John Davis and Adam Schroeder are producing for Fox.