Animated Planet Hulk Trailer

Hulk smash! An entire planet! Well, at least it’s an alien planet, though in comic book continuity, the Hulk did bring his fight back to Earth in Greg Pak’s “World War Hulk” mega crossover event. Before that, the Hulk was stuck in the “Planet Hulk” storyline, where he crash-lands on an alien planet (courtesy of Marveldom’s the Illuminati) ruled by a powerful and evil tyrant. Ain’t they always ruled by a powerful and evil tyrant that needs some overthrowin’?

At the first, the Hulk is like, “Whatever, leave me alone”, but when he’s forced to become a gladiator, he ends up becoming the prophesized savior of the planet, and leads a rebellion ala Spartacus. He even gets himself a wife and lives happily ever after. Well, for a while, anyway. Marvel Studios has turned that storyline into one of their animated straight-to-DVD movies. Check out a trailer for it below.

“Planet Hulk” is expected on DVD in early 2010 from Lionsgate, Marvel’s preferred video release buds.