Animated South Korean Flick King of Pigs Gets a New Blood Spattered Poster

Director Yeon Sang-ho’s seriously dark animated effort “King of Pigs” is set to bow in South Korean theaters this November. In order to prepare the entire world for its arrival, the promotional wizards casting spells behind-the-scenes have unleashed a brand new poster, which, I must say, is kind of cool. I’m a sucker for heavy-handed animation, particularly those geared towards adults. “King of Pigs” certainly seems to fit the proverbial bill, which is why I’ll pursue the movie as soon as it lands on an English-subtitled DVD. Here’s hoping that day comes very soon. In the meanwhile, of course, take a gander at the latest poster embedded below.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

After killing his wife in a fit of rage, bankrupt businessman Kyung-min meets up with his old classmate, struggling writer Jong-suk, and they reminisce about their middle school days. Back then, they were the “pigs” at the bottom of the pecking order, angry losers who couldn’t even fight back – until the day Chul-yi appeared to lead them. But what exactly happened to Chul-yi 15 years ago? Are men any better than beasts? Yeon Sang-ho’s first feature-length animation hits hard with haunting imagery and the cruel reality of human nature.

If you missed the trailer, you can find it hanging out down yonder, as well.

Source: Film Smash