Anne Hathaway Rumored to be Approached For a Part in Spider-Man 4

anne-hathawayI don’t know if Felicia Hardy is going to be a villain in Spider-Man 4, but the rumors for a female part are so ubiqitous, Rachel McAdams and Julia Stiles having been rumored in as many days, that there must be some large role that necessitates the inclusion of a well-known actress. The rumors give off a lot of heat, but so far there has been no real light shed on the part. Now Deadline Hollywood is reporting that producers have approached Ann Hathaway for a starring role in the film. Since Kirsten Dunst is returning as Mary Jane Watson, the Black Cat seems to be the most obvious fit, given the prevalence of rumors.

Anne Hathaway is a quality actor and would be a real boon to the film, having been nominated for a best acting Academy Award, even though a lot of her best parts involve trying to define the role of a woman in contemporary society. One of the few action films she has starred in was Get Smart, which I have not seen. However, this rumor could turn out to be premature: nothing official has been announced, and there is no word on whether she will eventually decide to join the cast. The way things are going, a new actress might be rumored tomorrow. But I think that Anne Hathaway would be the best fit so far.