Hey there everyone.

Well, as you’ve probably noticed, there hasn’t been new content on the site in a while (Dedpool’s recent NY Comic Con post notwithstanding), and unfortunately that’s not going to change anytime soon.

After a long period of deliberation, I’ve decided to put into storage.

While this means we won’t be adding new movie news coverage or reviews, it doesn’t mean everything from the last decade and change will be going away. Far from it. All the articles we’ve ever written will remain right here so that anyone looking for them can find them.

Please note that I do not take this decision lightly. It took a lot of time, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just not feasible for me to keep running anymore. I won’t go into all the reasons, but suffice to say, this decision has been years in the making.

I started (back when it was still called when I went looking for Asian film reviews and couldn’t find any. I decided, “Hell, I’ll start my own site!” So was born in-between college classes. Some of my longtime readers know what happened to that domain name, so there’s no point rehashing it. I’m glad to have contributed a small part to the growing Asian film industry in the West, and hopes it continues to thrive. Although the site is probably known more now for its movie news coverage, Asian films was my first love, and will remain so.

What else can I say, except that it’s been a hell of a ride, and my heartfelt thanks to everyone who ever visited the site at one point or another, and especially to those who kept coming back. Thanks also to everyone who wrote for the site. The last decade would not have been possible without you guys.

Even though I’ll be shuttering, that doesn’t mean everyone is going away.

You’ll still be able to catch James Mudge’s excellent Asian movie reviews and other writings over at It’s a great site with tremendous Asian movie news coverage and you should definitely check it out to get your continued Asian fix.

Brent McKnight will be continuing to cover movie news and doing reviews over at Giant Freakin Robot, as well as at his blog The Last Thing I See. I know I’ll be checking his stuff whenever I get a hankerin’ for cool movie news.

Meanwhile, anyone who feels like debating Dedpool about who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman (or discuss all things comic book and geek) can hit him up over at his Facebook page.

And finally, thanks to all my other writers…Todd Rigney, Joseph Savitski, Felix Vasquez, Andrew Mackenzie, Bodhi Grrl, Brian Holcomb, endymi0n, Dejan Ognjanovic, Jacob, Jodie Bass, Zan, Gopal, and Jessica.

It’s been a blast, but as the saying goes, all good things must, eventually, come to an end.