Another 24 Season 8 Promo To Get You Pumped

So how did ol Jack Bauer survive his predicament from last year? Last we saw, Jack was lying in bed getting ready to die, right? Apparently he did survive, because Season 8 of “24” is almost upon us. This time around, Jack is in New York, when some terrorist scumbags (with powerful, duplicitous connections within the Government, no doubt) starts doing terrorist scumbag things. Jack has to leap into action, even if that means putting his cute as a button granddaughter in danger and sending Kim off into another one of her wild walkabouts. Oh, Kim, you and your walkabouts. Check out the latest promo trailer for “24” Season 8.

Best moment? The CTU nerd goes, “Who’s Jack Bauer?” And everyone just looks at him like, “Dude, I should shoot you in the face right now.” Good stuff.

“24” Season 8 returns Sunday January 17, 2010 with a 2-hour blast-off.