Another Action Packed Clip from Neil Marshall’s Centurion

Because I’m a geek without shame or restriction, I’ll follow just about anything British director Neil Marshall releases. Cinematically speaking, of course. Even if it’s a continuous, 120-minute shot of him staring directly into the camera while wearing a sombrero, chances are I’ll buy a ticket, strap on a pair of dopey 3D glasses, and munch happily on popcorn for the duration. Yes, my life is that exciting. The latest clip from Marshall’s upcoming actioner “Centurion” appears to have been lifted from the middle of a particularly exciting moment in the film, which may explain the short adrenaline rush I just experienced. The energy drink I’m currently consuming may have contributed a little something to my undiluted excitement, but I like to think the embedded video is responsible for most of it. However, don’t take my word for it — watch the clip for yourself.

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