Another Avengers Fan Made Poster


Reader Tony Trinh has sent over a fanmade poster for Joss Whedon’s upcoming “The Avengers” that he cooked up. He’s incorporated the first official look at Chris Hemsworth as Thor into the group portrait, though I’m not too sure about War Machine and Black Widow being there. Mind you, not that I’m complaining about another poster where Scarlett Johansson is doing her skin-tight black outfit thing, and considering the buzz surrounding her Black Widow, I’m sure Marvel would love to write her into “The Avengers” if they haven’t already.

The “Avengers” show up in 2012, the same year as Warner Bros.’ third “Batman” film from Christopher Nolan. Yes, comic book fans, you really are that lucky.

Author: Nix

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  • Tony


    You're right. And what you said is fair. I probably shouldn't have bothered to submit it to this site. And responding to negative criticism was probably even more pointless. Although it was done kind of hastily, I thought it was kind of fun, cool, decent and actually was kind of proud. I guess I'm out of my league. I didn't realize it would be exposed to such a critical, sophisticated, advanced audience. I'm not a professional graphic designer, but I dabble in graphic design because I am an architect. Excuse me for my ego trip and posting my amateur detritus on your beloved site. I am humbled.

  • RFHL

    Nice work!
    I appreciate your poster a lot.
    However, it seems that Loki would be appearing in The Avengers movie as well.

    Please check about that.

  • Brian

    You see, again with the arrogant unnecessary lashing out towards people that comment on here. I think you should be barred from commenting on here for good. We commenting community members don't need that kind of attitude polluting here.

  • Tony

    Wow. Nothing I can say will be acceptable to you. You're just as salty and territorial as anyone on here, Brian. Lashing? Arrogant? Attitude? Okay, fair enough, whatever you say.

  • ulik

    @RFHL,That is true, however it should only be a shadowy image or silohette of LOKI.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Ulik man I love you but just drop it! LOL. It just isn't happening! Since Ant-man is being talked up now, and since that probably won't happen til AFTER the Avengers flick, then him and Wasp in the poster wouldn't make sense. However that said a cameo by a Janet Van Dyne who is a PR person for the Avengers project in the first film would be awesome. And a mention of her fiance Dr. Henry Pym would be cool. Just don't see them spending time on introducing new characters and buidling them up when they need to spend the time on the main cast and the story.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    I'm not NIX but yes there are. You should see the stuff over in the Human Cenitpede film thread. Or when Legion was coming out. That said yes you do need tougher skin. The majority of people that get on sites and post comments are immature nitwits that hide behind their annonimity and fire off judgment laced, and often venemous comments. That said they are entitled to their opinions. However getting defensive only fuels the fire and therefore you'll end up going back and forth, round and round with people. Just take the contructive criticism parts, and ignore the rest. I can't do what you do but at the same time I'm allowed to not like it fi I feel that way. I think you're concept is great, execution could be a little better, but you have a point about the source material. I'm sure as more stuff comes out you'll make a better and less rushed one. Don't let people get to you.

  • ulik

    HAHA! They'll be in the movie, Kevin Feige said it. But Ant-Man won't have his own movie until after the Avengers which will more than likely be a flashback before he became Giant-Man.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    When did he say that? I hope you're not just messin with me to be right. Lol

  • Tony

    Deadpool, that's a great reply. You're a class act and 100% correct. Yes, I realized that I looked like an insecure idiot as soon as I hit that “reply” button. But you know how it is, you have a +100 good responses elsewhere and you go some other place and see a couple of neg comments…you tend to focus on the neg. Human nature and ego, I guess and…”haters gonna hate”. Moving on though, obviously, it's something meaningless and fun, and I should just be gracious that Nix posted it on his site.