Another Crazy Trailer for Jackie Chan’s Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac (2012) Movie Poster

The Chinese will be getting Jackie Chan’s “Chinese Zodiac” on December 12, 2012. Or as the film is apparently going under, “CZ12”. Chan, as he’s wont to do, is claiming that this will be his last action movie. Or some such. The guy makes so many proclamations about his career that frankly it’s hard to keep up. I suspect Jackie will keep making these movies as long as they make money. Hey, those mortgages don’t pay themselves, you know.

From everything I’ve seen of “Chinese Zodiac”, it definitely looks insane, and this latest trailer, which features Jackie Chan wearing some kind of get-up and literally flying across the screen like some extreme skateboarder with a death wish, doesn’t change that opinion one bit. Check out the latest promo (and oh, look, a poster, above) for “Chinese Zodiac” 2012, or as the cool kids call it, “CZ12”.

In what looks to be the third installment of Chan’s ARMOUR OF GOD films, Chan’s Asian Hawk takes on two protégés, Simon and Coco. Simon is played by Korean actor Kwon Sang-Woo (VOLCANO HIGH) while Coco is played by newcomer Yao Xingtong. The trio must find a way to retrieve a group of statue heads representing the twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

The film co-stars Oliver Platt, Vincent Sze, Christian Bachini, Caitlin Dechelle, and get this, a cameo from — yes — jazz musician Kenny G. Didn’t see that last one coming, did ya?

Via : Kung Fu Cinema