Another Dark Knight Poster

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As if you couldn’t get enough “Dark Knight” material, especially the posters, there’s yet another poster for the movie that has surfaced. This one is being called an “outdoor artwork”, which I take to mean it was designed to be displayed outdoors, on billboards, walls, the sides of buses, etc. To be honest with you, not living in L.A. or N.Y., I’ve never actually seen one of these things before in my life, but I hear tell they actually exists in the big cities, or as we country bumpkins put it, “in them big’un cities”.

By the way, much props to the Warner Bros. suit that came up with the recent batch of “The Dark Knight” promotionals. Imagine, putting things out there for the fans to get excited over, like that scavenger hunt for the trailer, then having all the videos pulled seconds later from every single source in the space of a few hours. Why, it’s like they planned the whole thing! You sneaky little devils, you.

The Dark Knight Poster

The Dark Knight Poster

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