Another Dark Knight Video: Rachel Dawes for Harvey Dent

You know, I never did understand the appeal of Maggie Gyllenhaal. She’s an okay actress, looks okay, and those eyes and that creepy smile of hers would probably make her more appropriately cast as the Joker’s Harley Quinn than, say, taking over the Rachel Dawes role from poor, stilted Katie Holmes. In any case, here’s another Dark Knight viral marketing scheme — Gyllenhaal in Rachel Dawes role, “backing” Harvey Dent in a press conference. Yeah, I still don’t see what’s so special about Gyllenhaal or the Dawes character. Kill her off and let’s start all over, Nolan.

Batman and James Gordon join forces with Gotham’s new District Attorney, Harvey Dent, to take on a psychotic bank robber known as The Joker, whilst other forces plot against them, and Joker’s crimes grow more and more deadly.