Another Halo Movie Script Review

“G.I. Joe” writer Stuart Beattie is apparently a nutso Halo game fan, and has been dying to see the movie, sort of like the other million or so Halo fans out there. (I’ve played the game; thought it was okay, but didn’t fall in love with it, so I’m lukewarm about the movie.) After the “Halo” fiasco imploded on pretty much everyone involved (Peter Jackson, Microsoft, Bungie, et al), the movie looked dead for good. In hopes of jump-starting the movie, Stuart Beattie has put his typewriter where his mouth is, and has written a spec script for Halo called “Halo: Fall of Reach”, based on the novel of the same name by Eric Nylund.

About the script’s story:

The script is, first and foremost, a character-driven story about a soldier named John who was kidnapped or “conscripted” by the UNSC when he was just six years old, and then brutally trained to become an elite Spartan warrior known as Master Chief 117.

The script then takes us through the horrific first contact with the Covenant hordes on the doomed colony world of Harvest, and then climaxes with the spectacular fall of the UNSC forward base on Reach, during which every other Spartan is slaughtered.

The script also gives detailed outlines for the second movie, HALO: RISE OF THE FLOOD, which takes place entirely on the Halo ringworld, and the third and final movie, HALO: BATTLE FOR EARTH, which roughly follows the events of Halo 3, the game.

Latino Review, who reviewed the script, seems to like it enough that they’re encouraging the powers that be to take a look at Beattie’s script. Will they? Who knows. It seems that no one wants to make this movie for some reason, despite the army of loyal fans begging for it.

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