Another Hellraiser Remake Director Bites the Dust

At the rate the “Hellraiser” remake is hiring and losing directors during development, they mind as well hire one of the guys who directed the 30 or so direct-to-DVD “Hellraiser” sequels to do it. According to the blokes at Bloody-Disgusting, the remake’s latest attached director, Frenchie Pascal Laugier (who directed the cult hit “Martyrs”) has left the project. This, apparently, is coming from Clive Barker himself via the ever-popular Twitter.

Says BD:

According to this Twitter account claiming to be the “real” Clive Barker, French director Pascal Laugier “is regrettably no longer on the Hellraiser remake.” This confirms reports that we’ve been hearing that Dimension Films was actively seeking a new writer.

Okay, not nearly as concrete as we would have expected from the guys at BD, who are usually very “in” on these horror movie news stuff. So, chalk this one up as “rumor”.

Anyways, if it is true, how about getting that Rick Bota guy? He’s already directed three “Hellraiser” straight-to-DVD movies, so a fourth one should be a cinch. Give him a bigger budget, and let’s see what he can do. It couldn’t get any worst than, say, the recent spate of horror movie reboots, right?

Below: “For crying out loud, whose leg I gotta hump to get a director around here?”