Another Indiana Jones 4 Pic

Another day, another picture of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and that Shia kid as his kid, this time fighting Russian soldiers in a moving car while Karen Allen drives them through a jungle-esque terrain. And hey, according to this EW article that posted the image, Shia’s name in the movie is “Mutt”. I’m guessing that’s a term of endearment. Or maybe Indy hates his son. Who knows. Find out May 22 when the movie opens.


Seen here for the first time, it features Indy (Harrison Ford), a new character named ”Mutt” (Shia LaBeouf), and an old favorite named Marion Ravenwood (Raiders’ Karen Allen, with her back to the camera). For reasons best left unsaid (okay, we have no idea), the trio are careening through the Peruvian rain forest in an amphibious vehicle — yes, there’s a river chase involved in the plot somehow — racing a group of nefarious Russians to find a temple that holds the mysterious treasure of the title.

Another Indiana Jones Crystal Skull Pic