Another Iron Man Pose — Groovy!

Man, this Iron Man guy sure knows how to do those cool poses! Here’s another one that just popped up onto the net (thumbnail to your left, bigger version below). Nothing to say here, except, well, that’s one cool fella, this Iron Man, whoever he is. Apparently this is a live-action version of a pose from one of the Iron Man comic books. Speaking of which, who would have thought that Iron Man could get flatten by the Hulk? Either the brains behind Marvel Comics is letting the Hulk get waaaaaaaay too powerful recently, or Iron Man just isn’t the tough hombre he used to be in the comics. I am talking, of course, about the current World War Hulk storyline running through most of Marvel’s titles right now. Seriously, guys, the Hulk is NOT supposed to be that indestructible.

Anyhoo, check out the cool pose.

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