Two New Good Looks at Chris Evans as Captain America – UPDATED


Two new, better looks at Chris Evans as Captain America in his full costume, one posing, the other in action. Both pics give you a really good look at what his costume will look like in the movie.

Horrified by the newsreel footage of the Nazis in Europe, Steve Rogers is inspired to enlist in the army. However, because of his frailty and sickness, Rogers gets rejected, but later offered the opportunity to take part in a special experiment called Operation: Rebirth. After weeks of tests, Rogers is administered the Super-Solider Serum and bombarded by “vita-rays,” awakening from the treatment as Captain America. Armed with his indestructible shield and battle savvy, Captain America embarks on a war against evil.

Starring Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Stanley Tucci, Tommy Lee Jones, Hayley Atwell, Richard Armitage, Sebastian Stan, Dominic Cooper, Natalie Dormer, Neal McDonough, Toby Jones, JJ Feild, and directed by Joe Johnston.

Unleash the star-spangled asskicking July 22, 2011.

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Author: Nix

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  • Ulik

    This is THE hardest costume to translate to film. The shear color palette and design are hard to translate to a movie that is trying to be realistic without taking too much away from the character’s iconic look. #1 The fabric or material is crunchy, puffy and hard looking becaue more than likely it is a proto tyrpe of kevlar or teflon.

    • Ulik

      Captain America’s suit is by far the hardest suit to adapt to film without it looking cheesy, campy or unbelievable. In the comics it’s works all the time but on film it’s an incredibly daunting task to make it work and make the suit practical and realistic. Cap uses motorcycles a lot so you can tell that this suit is practical against skid burn if he was to fall or jump off of the bike and for para jumping. The suit is loose enough to keep him cool but thick enough for the rough weather in Europe. The shoulder pads are there to protect some of the impact on Cap’s shoulders when he is defensively or offensively using the shield. The Shield absorbed the impacts and is virtually indestructible but on the inside of the shield Cap WILL feel some of the impacts on his shoulders hence the pads. Seeing that what they had to work with it wasn’t easy, I say that the designers did a phenomenal job. There a rumor that says we’ll see at least 3 incarnations of the suit. The USO suit, another that Steve Rogers designs and a suit designed by Howard Stark.

      • Dedpool

        Ulik my man you hit the nail on the head and drove it home! Well said!

        • Ulik

          Thanks. There’s always going to be people who complain just for the sake of just wanting find something to complain about. I can see that the people complaining haven’t done their homework and have no real knowledge of this character and what is practical and plausible for that era. If they would have put Cap in a costume 100% like the comics,people would be complaining about that too but at least that would have been a more understandable complaint because that wouldn’t work.

  • Ulik

    Also more than likely the suit is fire, shrapnel and knife proof.

  • The Strongest There Is

    I honestly have to ask, What did you people who say the suit looks awful want?

    The first thing that comes to mind when I see his uniform is “Someone really did their homework and deserves to probably make a little more money.”
    YOu guys that dont like it , vex me. Its a perfect realistic translation of cap in WWII! What more do you want?

    • Dedpool

      My other level headed friend speaks. Well spoken my friend. Well spoken indeed.

      • Ulik

        @Dedpool, did you get my email?

        • Dedpool

          Yeah. Just been a busy weekend. My daughter’s 5th bday.

          • Dominique

            Yo, I’m soooo pissed I missed this whole convo…..@Dedpool it’s been busy on my end as well, moved into an apartment. But I’m in agreeance with you and everybody else who digs the full suit. I’m sooooo psyched about this movie now. Put Evans in full gear next to Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, Fury and Widow and the shit looks SICK!!!!!

          • Ulik

            Oh yeah, cool!!! That’s sweet. What did you do or get for her?

          • Dedpool

            Mostly everything she wanted and went to Chuck E Cheese. Gettin her classic animated flicks is one of my things now. So I got her two Don Bluth films, “Rockadoodle” and “The Pebble and the Penguin.” She got “Charlotte’s Web” for Xmas, and also has “Ferngully” and the original “Care Bears” movie.
            @ Dom congrats. Hope it’s a step up. And yeah some people just can’t be pleased.

  • Dedpool

    I like the second pic of him in action. Looks perfectly right for WWII.

    • Juggernaut

      I have that pic set up as my screen saver. The more I look at it, the more I like it.

  • Evilloin

    The “suit” looks more functional than the “Matt Salinger” version, yes…
    I must admit, I’m starting to miss the campy, Italian fascist Red Skull just a little bit. “You got your ‘Matrix’ in MY ‘Captain America’…”; however, I am SOLD on Hugo Weaving as The Red skull.

  • Dickersonmalcolm

    the suit looks so corny its way to much stuff on the costume,captain america did’nt have that much stuff and the helmet ugh.they shoulda went to spider mans costume designer and got some tips ugh yo..i hope the movie makes up for the wack ass suite,they coulda did a better job..boooooooo