Another Look at DCU’s All-Star Superman Movie


D.C. and Warner Bros. continue their domination of the direct-to-DVD animation arena with “All-Star Superman” (wanna at least try to catch up here, Marvel?), the latest in their line of original animated movies made for the lucrative home market. The award-winning Superman arc is from writer Grant Morrison, and finds Superman dealing with a very human problem — mortality. This leads him to do some interesting things in terms of Lois Lane and that dastardly villain Lex Luthor, who is of course his usual dastardly self.

The voice cast includes James Denton as Superman, “Mad Men’s” Christina Hendricks as Lois Lane, Anthony LaPaglia as Lex Luthor, and Ed Asner as Perry White.

The DVD movie is due out February 22, 2011 from Warner Home Video. Here’s another look at it:

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Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    Seriously looking forward to this. Great story, and the polished art style based on Quietly’s art (Sorry the man just can’t draw attractive women to me. He made Emma Frost and Wonder Woman not hot! I didnt think that was possible) look to make for yet another in DC’s increasingly improving stable of animated films. So glad they started with these. Marvel has their work cut out for them, but maybe they’re just happy holding down the live-action front.

  • The Strongest There Is

    All Star Supes is going to be awesome. As my usual whining goes, this is the type of stuff they should be using to make a superman FILM. Take away the golden age superman who can do anything and put him on a level with someone he actually has to fight and not just wait out with dialogue. ALSO I hope Zach Snyder can pull a Good Luthor out of whatever script is handed in.

    On another note:
    I did not like the last animation…umm… Apocalypse. Of course Batman was in prime form and I could even get over the superdog. However, was it just me or did Superman and cousin spend the entire movie getting pwned and win the final battle with a boom tube warp? Superman had a smart a$$ line to say after the boomtube but I was sitting there thinking in my head, “Thank god for the boom tube because these two were getting their @sses handed to them for like 20 minutes.

    I think Marvel pushed everything they had in a two year span with their animated films. Also Marvel is focusing on the Anime front which I think is Helping them. I’ve watched the Iron man Anime series that just aired in Japan and its way better than anything Marvel has animated here. I don’t think Marvels animation style is worthwhile in house. They try to use too much computer shading and techniques for people and machinery and it just doesn’t move as well as the hand-drawn DC stuff. They may be content with the live action market but Wolverine anime series is starting soon and He no longer has the Mullet that was in the promo..LMAO!… Anyway, I think Marvel in their current frame of mind with american animation just cant hold up to DC so their going outside of the country to try to access the wider market of kids and adults that pay more attention to the anime craze.

    • Dedpool

      Yeah “Apocalypse” definitely had Supes and Kara getting their buts kicked but it also had Kara throwdown hard with Darkseid (which didn’t happen in the comics but was awesome to see her amazonian training in action) and the Barda/Wonder Woman Vs. The Furies fight was absoluetly crazy! But the Showcase short “Superman/Shazam” had very good art and great action, bt it was too short (and yes I know it was an extended showcase short, but that could have easily been a full length film).

      As for the anime I can’t wait. I think ti was a great idea but I also kind a wish they had taken more risks. Yeah I know they did with the Wolverine teaser and everyone hated it. I however liked the idea, just not the look of the character. I also wish they had gone for a more mecha look for Iron Man. Think Marvel Mangaverse but less kiddie.

      And have you seen an updated pic of Wolverine for the anime? if so where? And any idea whe G4 will start airing the IM anime?

  • The Strongest There Is

    I apologize for the incorrect use of “their” instead of “They’re”. It pains my eyes to know I did it and can’t erase. That’s what I get for being excited lol.

    • Nix

      You’re probably the first guy I’ve ever heard apologize for using incorrect grammar on a ‘net comment thread LOL.

  • Bad Zack

    cant wait !!

  • The Strongest There Is

    Wolverine actually guested on 2 episodes of the IRON MAN series. It was great to see him and im really excited about his anime outing. They did a new promo after the 10th episode of the IRON MAN series that showed how its going to look and the story. I cant wait.

    There were definitely things I was disappointed by with the iron man anime but its endgame starting around episode 7 and leading into the last episode (12) got me back into the series. Wolverine was in episode 7 and 8 I believe. But anyway. Check it out, its worth watching. Plus seeing Iron man with Japanese mannerisms was enough to make me check it out.

    • Dedpool

      Is it already on G4? Or you watchin it on you tube?

    • Dedpool

      Is it already on G4? Or you watchin it on you tube?