Another Look at Frank Miller’s Xerxes Comic Book


At the rate Frank Miller is penning and drawing his “Xerxes” comic book, his prequel/sequel to “300”, we’re all going to be old men before this thing finally sees print. But to get you ready for it, Dark Horse Comics has premiered another pic from the upcoming comic book title as the cover of their “Dark Horse Presents” #1 issue.

Zack Snyder, who adapted Miller’s “300” onto the big screen, is said to be anxiously awaiting the finished panels himself so he can start adapting it. Of course, with Snyder now knee-deep in all things “Superman” reboot, it could be a while before we see “300” part two on the big screen, if at all.

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    On the fence about this one. I gotta see the comic before I can say whetehr a movie will be worth it.

  • FrankMillersSon

    Its not at all impressive.I sugest people to have a look at the Xerxes from Alberto Breccia.Its from the sixties but the black and white were a big influence to good old Frank.All of Alberto Breccia work is superb.Truly one that didnt disapoint.